How to check oily skin

How to check oily skin

Most people complain about the appearance of their skin, especially those with oily skin, which is difficult to come under control. Our body constantly produces oils and it is good for our overall health, but when our sebaceous glands are not balanced, they produce excess oils, causing the skin to suffer from acne, blackheads, zits and similar problems. Genetics, unhealthy diets and moisture play an important role in the surplus of oil production from our skin. There are many solutions that can keep your skin clean and prevent excessive greed.

Detergent / foam scrubber

Im not the first person who suggests using a detergent. Even dermatologists agree that the use of mild cleaning in the morning and evening is the most effective way to deal with oily skin. A foam scrubber also helps to clean the excessive skin without damaging or wiping it out. Many specifically formulated products for those with acne problems are available on the market today. However, these cleansers can wipe the skin, as they usually contain alcohol, acids and additives that may not fit your skin. Therefore, it is recommended to try a sample before purchasing a full-size product.


Oil skins are prone to pigmentation problems, so using a sunscreen can protect the skin from damage. Apply a sunscreen cream 30 minutes before you go out into the sun.

Blotting paper or medical pillows

The use of exposed paper is an easy way to remove excess oil from your skin without wiping it. Push the blotting paper lightly on the nose, forehead, and other oily areas to allow the oil to absorb on the paper. Keep the light pressure on the face of your face for about 20-30 seconds. Do not scrub your face, as it may damage the skin cells. The second option to handle the unhealthy shine is to use medicated cushions that may be helpful for oily skin. These pads are formulated with oil-reducing acid (glycolic acid or salicylic acid). They are easy to carry in the bag and very useful for updating your makeup and removing too much greed.

Use of toner

Many people like to use toner, but it is not necessary on every skin, as for sensitive skin, such can cause irritation. Most dermatologists provide special instructions for using only the toner in areas with oily skin, such as the nose, chin and forehead. If your skin is too sensitive, do not use toner, as they may cause dry spots.

Other solutions - Mild soap, light moisturizer

Use a mild soap to wash your face. After cleaning, or when the moisture is lost, it can be recycled using light moisturizer. A high quality moisturizer will maintain the required moisture level for your skin. With exfoliation you can make the skin softer, clear the blocked pores and remove dead skin cells.

Natural remedies

You can include some very effective herbal remedies in your daily routine to get rid of oily skin. Have plenty of water every day, as it comes 1-2 liters of water daily to help detoxify your body, open the pores and keep the skin healthy and healthy.

Avoid oily food because food that contains too much oil causes the skin to produce more oil. Cold milk is very beneficial for cleaning. Apply honey to your skin can help remove the oil and make your skin glow. Vinegar can be another useful cure for oily skin. Use a cotton pad to apply vinegar to the oily skin area.

Including fruit or natural fruit juices in your daily diet can also help to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Oranges are very rich in Vitamin C, so rubbing an orange peel can change the skins structure from oily to fresh. The banana is rich in vitamins and potassium, and application of banana pulp as a mask is also useful for the skin. Apples and mangoes are rich in antioxidants, which help regenerate dead cells and damaged tissues and revitalize the skin. In addition, antioxidants prevent wrinkles from developing. The lemon is a natural cleanser and its should help heal acne-skin. Papaya and pomegranates can also be used in the daily diet for healthy glowing skin.

All of these herbal remedies are easily accessible, affordable and good for overall health. In addition, they can solve your problem with oily skin with additional benefits to your health.

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