Skin care and makeup for women of color

Skin care and makeup for women of color

African-American skin has far different needs than Caucasian skin - you must know that it can be extremely sensitive and can easily develop discoloration from using incorrect skin care products. This discoloration may be prolonged, in weeks, or even months before it disappears. So African-American skin must be treated carefully.

It is a myth that all African American skin is oily in nature. Often, this type of skin tends to be dry and does not need more than a good daily wash with a mild detergent. Those with oily skin may need to wash two or three times a day. Never use hard abrasives on the skin or scrub it with irritating detergents.

You do not have to spend a fortune on skin care products to find those that work well for this skin type. Extra mild products intended for sensitive skin are ideal for African American skin. Do not be tempted to use acne products that contain hard ingredients like salicylic acid, or you can seriously irritate your skin.

Always test new skin care products before use by applying sparingly on a small area of ​​the skin to see if there is any reaction. You can save yourself from having an angry, inflamed face by taking this caution.

Dark skin has more natural protection from the sun than pale caucasian skin, but it does not mean that it alone protects you from harmful UV rays. Skin cancer is not unknown in African American skin, despite the myths.

You should always apply sunscreen that contains sunscreen of at least 15 SPF daily. Remember to reuse every two hours if you will be out in the sun all day long.

Do not forget to take some medicines can make you more sun sensitive as well. Acne drugs, contraceptives and certain antibiotics can all make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, so take extra precautions if you are taking any of these medicines.

If you experience skin problems like acne, it is often much easier to see a doctor in the early stages of the problem than wait to deal with them when they have become difficult. Visiting your doctor early can save you money by keeping yourself from buying large amounts of useless products that will not help your condition.

When it comes to makeup, look for brands made especially for women of color. These allow you to match your skin tone perfectly. Most makeup lines are designed for Caucasian women, and the colors, especially the reason, are all wrong for African American women. Most color women, if they do not have very dark skin tones, tend to warm tones, which requires yellow-based foundations.

Those with beautiful dark skin tones often have a cool tone to their skin and want to search for a reason with pink undertones.

An easy way to determine if your skin tone is hot or cool is to check the veins that run inside your wrists. Green tones mean you are cool, while bluish tones indicate that you have a warm skin tone.

To get the right foundation for you, it is often worth going to a department store and paying a little extra to find a basic shadow that exactly matches your skin tone. Often you will find entire lines devoted to women of color that you just can not find in most drug stores, and you can try before you buy.

Blush is also tricky for women of color. Often, a simple swab of bronzer over your cheekbones in a ton slightly darker than your skin tone. This looks much better on African American skin than a garish swipe of pink redness ever could. Blush is designed to get some color in pale caucasian skin, and just does not look right on darker skin tones.

The eyes are where women of color can really have fun. Their dark eyes allow them to use darker colors and look good in more dramatic appearance. One thing to avoid is to use dark brown shadows and eyeliners, because they really do not do anything for you. Contrast-rich colors like pink, blue or plum eyeliners enhance the eye, as well as shadows in wonderful metal materials like bronze and gold. Neutral colors like mochas look wonderful too.

Lipstick is a cosmetic that can really ramp up the drama of women of color. Their darker skin tones and sexy full lips ask for color printing, and they can have a much larger amount of colors than Caucasian women can. From bright pinks to deep red and everything in between, the sky is the limit of colorful women. Just stay away from neutral colors, because they can be too close to your natural skin tone and make your beautiful lips almost gone.

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